Safety FX Centre

The Safety FX Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing safety, training and hazard awareness programs that are effective, affordable and accessible.


We have a passion for safety, a compelling vision for the future and a determination to be the leader in the delivery of health and safety content and training.


Our vision is to create a nationally recognized source of safety training resources for new or young workers across all industries.


Email us at if you have questions or would like to be notified of new projects and safety initiatives

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Safety FX

Farm & Ranch

Farm and Ranch is a province-wide agricultural safety initiative that will provide Alberta farms and ranches with agricultural best practices knowledge and training, in one location.


Farms will have an industry standardized safety program that can be customized to suit the individual needs of each farm and ranch operation.

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A Non-profit


dedicated to providing safety, training and hazard awareness programs that are effective, affordable and accessible



is being created as a teacher resource for the Green Certificate Program in Alberta high schools. It will modernize the Green Certificate Program safety resources to enable teachers to convey this vital component of the farming industry to tech savvy students.


Walk the Farm will be provided free of charge to all Alberta High Schools to ensure that all Green Certificate students have access to this resource.


 Walk the Farm is being developed in partnership with Stephen Schultz of Lacombe Composite High School. Mr. Schultz is the 2019 Recipient of the Prime Ministers Award for Teaching Excellence. Safety FX is honored to be creating this teacher resource in partnership with Mr. Schultz.



This project will repurpose the Michener North site in Red Deer, Alberta (abandoned since 2013) into a movie and film production location (Michener City Studios) that would be the largest of its kind in the world, putting Red Deer and Alberta on the world movie production map and attracting film makers from around the world.

With 120 acres of trees, grass and wetlands, as well as 40 acres of building development, there are unlimited choices and possibilities for film sets and production studios.


In partnership with the Safety FX Centre the site will also be utilized to create and deliver revolutionary immersive safety, training and hands-on learning experiences.


In partnership with Alberta Online, an industry supplier data base is being created that will promote local actors, screen writers, film producers and film industry businesses to the world.


Michener City Studios will propel Red Deer and Alberta to become leaders in the film and movie industry while preserving the existing beauty and quality of life presented by the site – for generations to come.


The project is designed to be off-grid with a net zero carbon footprint.


Safety FX Programs

We create safety programs that utilize multimedia design solutions to provide stimulating and effective safety programs, training and hazard awareness solutions and immersive hands-on training experiences for any size of organization.


Safety FX will help create, maintain or acquire safety program certification and compliance.


Some of the programs that we offer:


Consulting and Training – By the day, week or month

Custom Safety Program Development

New programs or updating of existing programs


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