Hi everyone. I’m Gerome the Gnome.


For years I had been forced to spend my days as a lowly garden gnome; sitting all day, every day, in the front flower bed of an unassuming house, on a non-descript street, in an obscure neighborhood of Red Deer, Alberta.


I always had dreams of travelling the world, meeting people and spreading fun and happiness. For years, all I did was languish in the flower bed – pretty much forgotten. As time went on and the years passed, my limited view of the world became obscured by weeds and grass that grew up around me.


One day FATE and DESTINY came calling to my weed covered part of the world.


My current handler had noticed me as he was walking his dogs and made a trade for me.


He traded a garden frog for me

A frog... really ... I was traded for a FROG! Oh, the humiliation!

Kind of like being traded for a fourth-round draft pick!


As it turned out, it was a brilliant trade. The frog and I are much happier with our current places in the universe.


And the rest is history!


Gnoming around Alberta

I have decided to travel around Alberta and record the places, the events and the experiences in a documentary style project.


Contact me with your ideas of where I should go next.

Send me an invite if you have a special event or destination in mind. Perhaps I will see you there


Let me know if you want to see more pictures or hear more stories from the places already posted.







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Photo FX is a photography and imaging firm that provides high quality visual solutions for individual, business and government clients.


With all of our photo projects, we give you a zip drive with all of the photos that were taken.


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We are so good … you hardly know that we are there

We are so good … you are glad that we are there

Before – During – After the event



Here is a short list of the types of projects we do.

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